Xia One 侠一 Wallet Submission NFT

Mint Date Sept. 8, 2022 noon UTC

Mint Price 0.0Ξ

Total Supply 7,777 NFTs

Raffle Time Sept. 7, 2022, noon UTC

Official Link xia-one.xyz

Verified Twitter XiaOne_official 11,426

Visit Premint

⚔️ Xia One is a free-to-play RPG game about exploration, Karma, and close-quarter combat.

Play as one of the 7,777 Xia (vigilante) with unique talents, classes, and skills, to save or bend the world in any way you see fit.

The game will be openly accessible for all players, but only Xia One NFT holders can farm ERC-20 token $KARMA from the game.

🗡️ Core Gameplay:

The world is stuck in a time loop and all living creatures will relive and reincarnate over and over until the boss is killed.

Player develop their characters through battles and events, only by defeating the boss can push the world forward till the next boss emerges.

Death is permanent in Xia World. When a Xia dies in the game, their $KARMA will be measured and will greatly affect their next character spawn stats.

🛡️ 5 Game Modes:

Legendary mode:

A 100-stage dynamically changing world where all players are connected, only by defeating the boss can push the world forward to the next stage. Players who defeats the boss and anyone who assists in the process will get massive Karma rewards in return.

Solo mode:

players go through a time loop consisting of 7 stages of battles and events to accumulate karma, the player reincarnates into the next life either gets killed or completes 7 stages.

Co-op mode:

players team up to lower the battle difficulty, while claim more rewards from each time loop.

PvP mode:

players go 1-on-1 battles against another players to rank up on the leaderboard, and win karma and rare in-game drops.

Battle royale:

accessible for non-holders only, players go on 1-on-1 battles in a 16-player-bracket tournament, the winners of the tournament will be awarded with reincarnation ticket into [Xia].

🗺️ Roadmap:

The genesis collection launches on Sept. 8th, all genesis NFT holders will be eligible to claim weapon NFT airdrops.

Beta game will release on Dec 2022, the full game will launch on March, 2023.

Xia One 侠一 Wallet Submission NFT

🚀 The Mint Rules:

Launch Time: Sept 8th 8 am EDT/12 pm UTC

Total Supply: 7,777

#0-#4499: 0.02ETH, 3 NFTs per wallet

#4500-#7776: 0.03 ETH, 3 NFTs per wallet

Whitelist: Mint 1 for free

Whitelist Free Mint session only lasts for 2 hrs after the launch.


⚔️ 一念起,万物生。 侠一是一款免费RPG链游。








传奇模式 —— 传奇模式是由100个时间线节点串联起的宏大世界,在这一模式,所有玩家的行为将相互影响。当有玩家击败当前世界的boss时,才会推动剧情,把世界推进到下一个时间线。击败boss及对击败boss提供协助的玩家都可以获得业力($KARMA)的奖励。

轮回模式 —— 玩家会体验由若干房间组成的简短单人剧情。玩家可通过战斗和剧情了解游戏的世界观、背景设定,游戏战斗系统的规则,并通过一次一次的轮回来累积业力,获得转生后的能力提升。

PvE模式 —— 需与其他玩家组队,多人组队能够降低副本难度,同时获得更多业力奖励。

PvP模式 —— 玩家之间使用现有武器和天赋1V1对战,胜利者可提高排位,获得业力、稀有武器、稀有天赋的奖励。

乱斗模式 —— 大逃杀式的1V1乱斗,玩家随机获得角色和武器,最终的胜者能够获得一张【侠】的转生券。




Xia One 侠一 Wallet Submission NFT




前4500个,每个0.02 ETH,每个钱包限铸造3个






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