World Blockchain Round Table | The Sandbox | Episode 79

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World Blockchain Round Table | The Sandbox | Episode 79

1:25 Welcome
43:34 Sandbox allows individuals and companies to create a fully customizable experience and/or quest-based game inside their own digital real estate plot. If you were to make an experience, what quests would you include and what would your little world look like?
1:11:55 Could smart contracts be used inside a game/adventure to award an NFT prize? Like defeating a boss and getting their weapon or armor or even bag of $SAND as a cash prize, follow up on that. Could a pool be created by players from entrance fees and that pool be used to automatically distribute those funds by percentage throughout the game?
1:27: 48 NFTs that fun to look at and can be utilized in the game.
1:28:50 Since $SAND is down 750% in the last 12 months Do you think (as I do) that for real adoption like an triple a game or gaming company the currency used for that game ecosystem needs to be at least somewhat stable to support one the gamers and two those that want to create for the game and use the financial part of the ecosystem ie P2E. Follow up on that. Would a dual token system work for that or is that just putting a target on your back?
1:43:40 Closing
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