Woodlist 2 Wallet Collection NFT

Mint Date Oct. 11, 2022

Mint Price 0.049Ξ

Total Supply 7,777 NFTs

Official Link woodlanderz.com

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Woodlist 2 Wallet Collection NFT

About Woodlanderz

Woodlanderz is a community centered NFT project with unique personable art that has record breaking number of traits (4500+!) and an innovative interactive marketplace as our flagship utility – Treasure Trove Marketplace – with a unique tokenomic system intertwined with daily community tasks and a 2 week money back guarantee!

The project is premised on the fantastical world of Woodlanderz, enveloped by ancient forests and mysterious plants and creatures where every organism is living in peace and harmony with nature and its laws.

What is unique about our project, roadmap and utilities?

Our flagship utility is an interactive marketplace titled the Treasure Trove Marketplace. Beta version of the marketplace is live right now at



3 key elements of the marketplace sets us apart from all other entities in Web3:

1. Unique tokenomic system that protects holders and is intertwined with community tasks to sustain and promote engagement ultimately strengthening the community and guarantees holder utility protection.

2. Treasures ranges from valuables in Web3 and IRL – comprised of WL, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, subscriptions to crypto tools, gacha tickets, discord nitro, consultations with the Woodlanderz core team and IRL items such as discounts, merchandise and subscriptions (Netflix)

3. Charming gamified gacha mechanic that will be released tentatively a month or two after mint as an EXPANSION to the Treasure Trove as it adds dimensionality on whether to use or store tokens to play the different gachas for different prizes

On top of all the innovative aspects of the marketplace, it will also have a 2 week MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We guarantee that through the accessing of prizes in the Treasure Trove, holders will be able to obtain prizes = to or > greater than the cost of minting a Woodlanderz by holding a Woodlanderz for 2 weeks ONLY.

Woodlanderz links:






Treasure Trove Marketplace (BETA):


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