Woodlanderz x ProVIV NFT

Number of Winners 25 Spots

Raffle Time Dec. 3, 2022, 7 p.m.

Official Link woodlanderz.com

Visit Premint

ProVIV Description:

Proelium Games (“Battle Games” in Latin) is a blockchain, MMO, PVP, PVE and eSports gaming platform. Our vision is to create competitive and tournament-based games in which players can either participate, watch & enjoy, or [REDACTED].

proVIV NFT is the fundamental collection of 10,001 pieces which will grant its holders with membership access, in-game and real life utility, making it the key asset for the Proelium Games ecosystem, and in the main project as well. The name proVIV comes from the latin Pro Viv and means: “For the living.”

Supply: 10,001
Price: TBA
Mint Date: TBA


1. Free access to all the tournaments & competitions, vip access to private & special rooms, VR & real life events;
2. Drops & Benefits:
—Surprise asset box “One of each item” which will include all the necessary equipment for your in game avatar;
—Piece of land (main project);
—Personal “Black Box”* hideout;
—WL & 50% discount on the upcoming collection;
—Up to 30% discount in the marketplace;
—Key to the “secret headquarters”;
—Governance rights;
—COO positions;
3. Staking and lending: Stake or lend your proVIV NFT to earn passive income;
4. Gaming: proVIV NFT will serve as a second chance-life in the Proelium Tournaments & Competition as well as an insurance policy for all your assets in the explorer mode for the main multiverse project.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/proVIVnft
Discord: https://discord.gg/v5jMFaHmkC
Website: https://proviv.io/

Woodlanderz x ProVIV NFT


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