What are Aopanda party NFTs?

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Aopanda party, is a unique collection of Non-Fungible tokens. Created by a Japanese Anime Creator, they are loved by collectors. The NFT has multiple variations of two main characters “Ah Chan” and “Oh Chan” pandas. Together they form the AoPanda Party NFT collection. Initially, these characters were created as part of an educational series on a popular video sharing social media site. Categorized as Collectibles, the illustrated NFTs are part of the collection of 10000 AoPandas. The collection was minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. The NFTs were created to fund the creator’s dream project. An animated series for children that imparts values, positive thinking and other good habits for them to lead a happy and wholesome life. The creator and Aopanda party collection, together have a combined following of 80,000 fans across different social media platforms. Aopanda party NFT has a feature called Panda lock. The Panda lock feature enables the owner of the NFT to lock them from being sold without their permission. Yes, locking and unlocking costs some amount of Gas Fees.The Creators of the NFT are also working on a platform called PANDAO where these NFTs may be used for transactions and other utilities. At the time of recording this, 774.83 Ether worth of total sales were made.


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