Total Supply 10,000 NFTs

Number of Winners 3 Spots

Official Link parallabs.io

Verified Twitter WayfarersPRL 20,364

Visit Premint

Brief Project Walk-through:

Phase 1 (approx. 5 months):

This is the current phase. We have

600+ hand-drawn traits, 20 trait categories.

We do

airdrops of around Ξ0.3 in value

(this will rise as the number of members goes up, RN around 50 of them) for our inner circle (OGs) since day 3 of Discord opening, we call them

“Orange Crates”

. This will happen

every week in perpetuity

. In case of an unsuccessful collection sale, we will keep bringing something every week, even if it will be

bags of chips

. We have

free Merch drops

(free and raffled) for


/OGs, we already released designs for

1 cap, 1 hoodie, and 2 skateboards

. Caps and hoodies are already made IRL and some will be raffled soon.

We make music

, we released our first

Boom Bap beat

2 days ago and we expect to run a rap contest based on it, with great rewards. And a lot more. All of these happen



Phase 2 (approx. 6 months):

If, collection sells out, we obtain the funds, which will be just enough to build an

open-world game

(https://parallabs.io/wayfarers) with


and NFTs incorporated. We will

reinvest everything

minus costs. Things that will happen in Phase 2: 1.

Airdrops of 3 categories: headwear, weapon, apparel

. Each holder will be able to get 1 of the categories based on their traits, and will be able to trade in marketplaces e.g. OpenSea, and equip in-game. We build our first map in this phase, with a huge Ship in it (approx. 3-4 months after mint, see roadmap. Meanwhile we continue to provide all utilities in Phase 1, and we will build a demo world in Sandbox/Decentraland).

Every minter will have names of their choice, carved on the Ship

, which will last forever no matter how the NFTs will be transacted. There will be a room for everyone on the Ship, which means a

“Ship Pod” airdrop

. The Ship Pods will be customizable with our assets and NFT displays. Regular events and games will be hosted on the Ship, and there will be fun features such as

fishing, poker games, lottery, arena, etc


Phase 3 And Further (approx. 1 year):

After 6 months of getting ready on the Ship, the Ship departs and the second map, which was built during the 6 months period, will be an Ocean.

There will be islands

(land sale)

, creatures (

domestication & pet system & pet collection

), loots and resources (


) discovered during the Journey. All of which will be Ethereum NFTs.

More details to be disclosed later.

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