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“Send crypto to friends with just their phone number, even if they don’t have a wallet”

What is Zero?

Send crypto to friends directly with just their phone number. Just split a meal? Onboard your normey friend into web3 by sending crypto straight to their phone number even if they don’t have a wallet. It’s that easy.

Why Zero?

1. Easiest way to send crypto to friends who have zero crypto experience

2. Send transactions from a Zero account with a balance to another phone number anywhere in the world for zero fees (zero gas fees)

3. Withdraw anytime

4. Theres nothing easier than text authentication

How does Zero work?

When the product goes live,

1. Go to usezero.io

2. Type in a friends phone number and an amount

3. Send

4. Your friend gets a text message notification

5. They verify they own their phone number and instantly access the funds you sent them

6. Your friend can send the funds to other phone numbers with zero gas fees, withdraw the crypto or send to any address

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