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‘Evangelion: Tokyo-lll’ of Small Worlds

All products are officially licensed by ‘Evangelion’

SMALL WORLDS, which runs the world’s largest miniature theme park ‘SMALL WORLDS TOKYO’ has cooperated with metaverse platform DreamVerse. As the first phase of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO Virtual Spatialization, they have announced the ‘Evangelion: Tokyo-lll’ area metaverse project.Through this cooperation, DreamVerse uses metaverse to rebuild ‘Evangelion: Tokyo-lll’with 1/80 size, which combines an offline theme park and online metaverse .

The digital collection of the first phase is “PASSPORT”. With the passport, you can enter the metaverse of “Evangelion: Tokyo-lll” and access all subsequent metaverse scenes established by SMALL WORLDS. For the benefit, you can get the offline annual card of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO by purchasing passport

Whitelist Spots Giveaway

To enter:

1.Follow them on twitter

2.Join their discord and send ‘Say hello from UEJJ’

Twitter: https://twitter.com/smallworldsmeta

Discord: discord.gg/ZRksqRwuP4


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