UEJJ x RealChain Giveaway NFT

Number of Winners 15 Spots

Official Link uejj.com

Verified Twitter UEJJCOM 42,849

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Real Chain is a legitimate web3 business that aims to tokenize real estate and connect the gap between web2 and web3. 
We are establishing a Web3 academy that will teach Real Estate agents how to operate in the web3 as well as how to become Metaverse Real Estate agents. 
Our goal is to create a DAO where homeowners, investors, and agents come together to buy and sell property through tokenized, fractionalized real estate NFT’s whereby people will be able to invest in real estate globally by bypassing borders. 
There are considerable real world partners involved, such as Blueground and Keller Williams, we have recently partnered up with Beyond Earth Online as well, and we are currently in partnership agreements with Sandbox too, building our HQ on their metaverse. We are also partnered with Lightnift which is currently building its NFT tools and appraisal algorithms.
The initial collection of 55 pieces was successfully sold out in private sales to Real Estate Agents from Keller Williams agency for 5k each.
Now we are moving to the second phase of our founders club NFT’s, the genesis collection of 500 pieces
The entire team is doxxed at www.realchain.xyz 
Twitter handle is @realchainxyz 


UEJJ x RealChain Giveaway NFT


UEJJ Website: https://uejj.com

UEJJ Discord: https://discord.gg/uejj

UEJJ Twitter: https://twitter.com/uejjcom

UEJJ Founder: https://twitter.com/jiamiying

UEJJ is an Alpha Community made up of NFT investors,innovators and promoters

UEJJ alpha call。
Our best professional researchers will provide the most comprehensive and precised project information and investment proposals.

UEJJ information
We will collect and find out the breaking news/trading information/airdrop interaction/market opportunity/new project/ project dynamic.

UEJJ Robert
UEJJ Robert can automatic catch the updated Freemint project information/Premint/Superful/Twitter lucky draw & Whale action/ the change of price floor.

UEJJ  quantitative trading
Our top leveled monetary team will make sure the stable increasement of your fortune.

UEJJ Tools
UEJJ Tools can implememt the full functions of Wallet manager/batch operation/automatic bidding/ secondary market trade/quantitative automatic trading.

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