UEJJ x Moonshe Giveaway NFT

Number of Winners 20 Spots

Official Link uejj.com

Verified Twitter UEJJCOM 43,573

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Moonshe is a collection of 5555 NFTs with High-quality Pixel Art.  It’s a story-driven project. The story will evolve through its own VIP community and its decisions.


Moonshe’s are a Snake race that lives on different planets. They live on by feeding through valuable minerals. With each passing day, the limited resources of their planet’s minerals are about to finish. Elders decided to expand their scouting and they found a planet called Xanadu full of valuable minerals. Although they don’t have much information about it, they decided to send the best members of each clan to explore and dig through the Planet to find valuable resources and save their own clans from perishing. 5555 Moonshe’s are ready to explore this unknown planet. Each clan is about to perish, they need a new resource. Only the brave ones will be able to return home safely. Will you be the first to find it before the others?

Supply – 5555 (1111  Moonlist/ 4444 WL)

Price – TBA

Mint Date – TBA


UEJJ x Moonshe Giveaway NFT


UEJJ Website: https://uejj.com

UEJJ Discord: https://discord.gg/uejj

UEJJ Twitter: https://twitter.com/uejjcom

UEJJ Founder: https://twitter.com/jiamiying

UEJJ is an Alpha Community made up of NFT investors,innovators and promoters

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