UEJJ x GigaChad Yacht Club Giveaway NFT

Number of Winners 20 Spots

Official Link uejj.com

Verified Twitter UEJJCOM 42,846

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We are the Gigachad Yacht Club (GCYC) team and are reaching out to collaborate with you. We are a team of 3 highly motivated Chads trying to carry out a message into the world. With our project, we want especially young men to change their lives for the better. We hope that we can build a strong community of like-minded people from all over the globe to find their inner Gigachad and work on their dreams.

What makes us special?

We are introducing a Play2Mint mechanism into our mint. You play as Gigachad, who has to fight through action-packed waves of monsters in order to save his people. The goal is to beat the final wave. After that, you’ll be eligible for the mint since you’ve proven worthy.
We are also telling the story of Doomer and showing how he managed to escape his depression and bad life and turn it into a life of a Gigachad. The story will be separated into 6 animated pixel animations displaying the stages of Doomer becoming a Gigachad.


UEJJ x GigaChad Yacht Club Giveaway NFT


UEJJ Website: https://uejj.com

UEJJ Discord: https://discord.gg/uejj

UEJJ Twitter: https://twitter.com/uejjcom

UEJJ Founder: https://twitter.com/jiamiying

UEJJ is an Alpha Community made up of NFT investors,innovators and promoters

UEJJ alpha call。
Our best professional researchers will provide the most comprehensive and precised project information and investment proposals.

UEJJ information
We will collect and find out the breaking news/trading information/airdrop interaction/market opportunity/new project/ project dynamic.

UEJJ Robert
UEJJ Robert can automatic catch the updated Freemint project information/Premint/Superful/Twitter lucky draw & Whale action/ the change of price floor.

UEJJ  quantitative trading
Our top leveled monetary team will make sure the stable increasement of your fortune.

UEJJ Tools
UEJJ Tools can implememt the full functions of Wallet manager/batch operation/automatic bidding/ secondary market trade/quantitative automatic trading.

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