Tsukimi X Arcade NFT

Total Supply 5,555 NFTs

Official Link tsukimi.io

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Tsukimi is a community of day dreamers, of over-thinkers and lo-fi lovers It’s not a brand – it’s a culture. And from this culture, will rise our community. Dust, scratches, warp, and mechanical noise. Fuzzy tapes — and hazy keys. As the sound gets rougher — something magical happens. It’s a vibe. A lo-fi vibe. And this, is your calling.

// THE ART //

Your Tsukimi is an extension of you. It’s an expression of you . This – is your identity – and it’s yours alone. There is no other like it. This is not just a PFP. Your Tsukimi is how the world will know you and see you. More importantly – it’s a reflection of you, to you. You are your Tsukimi. And your Tsukimi … is you


Your journey begins at the Loft. A gamified, collaborate and community-centric staking mechanism that is not just about rewards – but, something bigger. It’s about taking a journey of discovering islands. And through journey, you’ll build partnerships, unlock governance roles, take part in collaborative quests and more!


Surreal VR escapes, exclusive IRL meet-ups and the metaverse – our team is exploring and building on all ends. In a chaotic, fast-moving world – this will be your escape. An escape from all the noise. A way to slow things down – and to find a deeper meaning. The journey … awaits you.

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