This Project Could Save NFTs – Utility Overload Edition – VeeFriends – GaryVee

YouTube video

Just when you thought NFTs were dead and the blue chips had fallen silent, VeeFriends is accelerating its utility in EVERY direction!

Also…VeeCon 2023 Watch is in effect!

Google Form for DesignerCon VeeFriends Free Passes –,google%20form.,-2.%20The%20form

VeeFriends HalloVEEn 5 Track Album on Spotify –


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  1. great video bud! This project could really save NFTs but I think if powerful games start their
    SFTs then have huge potential.

  2. Great video Biz.. NFT world is fueled with fear currently. Let's hold on till "potential" takes fear's place!

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