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Valhalla is an open world web3 game with tactical turn-based combat that focuses on testing your tactical abilities and currently free-to-play, on L2 Optimism Kovan Testnet. Apart from utilizing your Vera’s magical abilities to damage your opponent, outwitting them on a tactical level is a key component in determining the outcome of a battle.

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More About Valhalla:

Welcome to Valhalla, Floki’s flagship game to be the first in the crypto space to implement onchain NFT interactions, allowing players to interact in a metaverse that pays its users for playing!

Valhalla runs on the blockchain, so all battles will be processed on the blockchain. This ensures that all stats and battles remain verifiably fair, and also allows you to actually write Valhalla history on the blockchain with your battles

Veras will be unique, upgradeable NFTs due to their graphics, runes, stats and abilities.You can level-up a Vera and unlock even more assets for it, making your Vera NFT even more rare

You will be entering one of the first Metaverses which is actually designed to be a fun game instead of just another virtual representation of the real world

Intense music, entertaining gameplay and amazing visuals will allow you to feel part of the magical world of Valhalla. Together, with your unique Vera, you will be able to beat any opponent.

Modules being developed include:

The guild system
Players will be able to create, join and hang out within these communities and of course, there will be a competitive element between different guilds. This will include some very interesting blockchain mechanics and is scheduled for release soon

The quest system
A role-playing game is not complete without quests! Yet, blockchain allows us to add unique world interactions by setting up the quest logic as smart contracts. Individual, party, community, and world quests do look forwards to them

The farming system
Cultivating resources is one of our favourite pastimes in games, and it will remain one in Valhalla. We can’t give out too much info yet on what type of farming you will be able to do in-game but
know that it’s both familiar and (very) unfamiliar to types of resource cultivation games you already know

The crafting system
Resource gathering and cultivation would not be complete without a crafting system. There are many possible components, accessories and items that can be crafted. Each with their own use in (and outside) of the game. Everything that can be crafted is also tokenised, be it fungible or non fungible (NFT)

The ship system
Part of Viking culture is to explore the world via ships. As a Valhalla Viking, you will be able to acquire a ship for this specific purpose. Naturally, that’s not all a ship can do. Your ship will have various customizable attributes

The raiding system
As a Valhalla Viking, you will not be sitting idle on the starter island. After acquiring a ship, you set out to not just explore but also raid various areas, either alone or with your guild. Take over islands, strike neutral or rival guilds, and find your place in the power hierarchy of the world

The housing system
After a long day of fighting, crafting, and raiding, you just want to sit back and relax. Get a house from the general guild or buy a plot of land and build your own. Show off your architectural, carpentry and decoration prowess to the rest of the player! Or just invite your friends over for a drink

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  1. Great video. Ive been following the project for a while. Just wanted to mention that this game is p2e and has potential to rival axie in crypto. Massive potential here. Floki built themselves a winner imho.

  2. Played the game by my own yesterday. It’s potential could be enormous if you look at the success of that kind of games (for instance Pokémon or Final Fantasy). But in this case the games is based on the blockchain and you are able to make money with it by just playing and having fun. Every item or Vera/Pokemon in this game is an NFT and you can trade them and make additional money. I like that thought. You can play 1.000 hours World of Warcraft and in the end you can do nothing with your achievements ingame (aka waste of time)

  3. Oh my.. this looks so boring .. how are we suposed to bring any traditional gamer to the space with this kind of games …. one day we'll get real games in web 3 .. in 10 years maybe !

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