The Sandbox is a CONFUSING Crypto Metaverse…

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I checked out the state of the Snoop Dogg backed Sandbox metaverse today without much background knowledge to see what the new user experience is like. It got… weird. I found at least one person in there. ~~ and Join me here every few days for new VR comedy videos!

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  1. I was honestly expecting something like this (sandbox and decentral land) to do better than facebooks metaverse, on the account that facebooks metaverse requires you to buy and use VR headset. Perhaps ppl will buy facebooks VR headsets for some games as well, but being a VR headset user I know that the extra step of strapping it on and using it is a barrier to entry. If the content your about to consume isnt amazing, there is no chance your strapping on a VR headset to experience it (except for novelty in begining which wears of very quickly).

  2. As a early Sandbox "head" I stumbled upon your video and definitely understand your feedback as a new user coming into The Sandbox. I wanted to provide feedback about some of the misconceptions you had in your video.

    – The Sandbox is currently in early stages of development. It usually has Alpha seasons every quarter where you can meet random people and engage with them. The game will be fully open sometime in 2023.
    – The experiences/games you played in the video were all single player games. Sandbox has both Singleplayer and Multiplayer games
    – The Sandbox is totally free-to-play, you don't have to purchase anything. In fact, it is the only "metaverse" that gives out money to its community.
    – You can choose to be a creator or a player. As a creator you are provided the tools, Game Maker and VoxEditor tools both created by Sandbox to create models to be used in your games.
    – We have monthly game jams where you can create your own games and win top prizes as high as 20k USD.
    – The map you explored with all the brands is filling up getting ready to be opened in 2023.
    – We have a very strong community on Twitter & Discord and there is such talented artists that create and build for brands and or themselves.
    – We also have a marketplace for Builders to show off their talents and find work for multiple metaverses called ->

    As a final note, I definitely understand your initial perspective when you signed up. The user experience isn't very welcoming to new users which provides such information. However, I can definitely say you are welcome to hang out with our Sandbox community and do checkout all the events that we have to offer from games, giveaways and real events.

    Come to a few streams on Discord or look at other Sandbox creators to be more informed.

    Reach out to me if you have any questions.


  3. I remember getting an ad for this while looking for Minecraft Mods, thanks for checking it out so we don't have too!

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