The Lady Ape Club NFTs: An Ideal Companion to Unbore the Bored Apes (BAYC)

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The 9000 Lady Ape NFTs launched by the TNCGroup swiftly started to decrease as all users rushed to secure a Lady Ape. Afterward, a timed auction started for 90 specially designed LAC NFTs, which they also sold out the next day.

LAC holders will benefit from more than just having unique ape NFTs. The LAC project is working on a collection of Baby Apes, where the LAC holders will have a higher chance of getting one. In addition, a special yacht party will be held in Dubai exclusively for the LAC holders.

With most of the LAC collection now in the hands of their new owners, interested users can buy the Lady Ape NFTs on STRMNFT or place bids on OpenSea, where they are available for auction.

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Lady Ape Club (LAC) –

STRMNFT Marketplace –

OpenSea –





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