The Futurevere: A Deep Dive Into Fluf World, AI NFTs, The Root Network, Sylo, Otto & More | NA S3E9

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Today we’re joined by Gerry Buckley, host of Into The Futureverse & expert on all things Futureverse.

We explore the Futureverse ecosystem as well as the Root Network to see how Fluf World, Altered State Machine, Party Bears, Buzzies, Sylo, Otto Blockchain & more all fit into the bigger picture.

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0:00 Disclaimer
0:37 Intro
3:31 Origins of Into The Futureverse
7:39 The Wild History of Futureverse
12:12 The Scale & Breadth of Futureverse
15:30 The FIFA AI League
16:53 Onboarding Users To A Decentralized World
23:19 Ripple + XRPL Partnership
24:20 ROOT Token Design + Airdrop
27:00 Major Partnerships
28:05 Sylo + Seekers Overview
28:25 Altered State Machine Overview
29:57 Otto Blockchain: Compliant DeFi
34:58 Identity Standards + NZ Government Partnership
36:06 Pending Patents & “Donuts”
36:29 Altered State Machine & How AI NFTs Will Shape The Future
42:02 Is Futureverse The “Bitcoin” of NFTs?
42:51 Interoperability & An Ever Growing Community
43:56 The Year of The Rabbit
44:36 Getting Started With The Futureverse
45:27 Pixel of The Apes: The Original “Monkey” NFT
46:02 Thingies Utility
46:22 Burrows Utility
47:02 Seekers Utility
49:04 ASTO Token & The Cortex
49:43 Muhammed Ali’s The Next Legends AR/VR Boxing Game

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