The DAM Show 7 | Boss_toadz getting eaten, 10KTF updates, and Kashvi from WoW on navigating web3

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Welcome to the Diamond atareh Mebynetta show! Join us every Monday as we break down 10KTF happenings, NFT alpha, and all things community.

This week, the DAM crew discusses the Kaiju announcements, Boss Toadz losing control of the Kaiju, and a special guest, Kashvi.eth the World of Women community manager joins us to chat about content, WoW, working with Guy Oseary, and more.

0:00 – Opener
00:38 – Introduction
2:36 – First DAM Livestream, Rugged by 10KTF
5:08 – The DAM crew bet for the crate reveal
9:01 – Is Boss Toadz losing control?
21:30 – What will happen on 10KTF 1 year anniversary?
28:39 – Battle.town missions are like Otherside journeys
32:19 – 10KTF copy pasta culture, good or bad?
37:42 – Kashvi.eth joins the DAM show
41:19 – Diamond reflects on the importance of women in his life
46:39 – How did Kashiv get started in NFTs?
54:24 – Working with Guy Oseary, what Kashvi is most excited by in WoW
57:16 – People onboarding onto brands like Gucci via NFTs
1:02:05 – The importance of content in today’s world
1:06:42 – What is the magic behind 10KTF community engagement?
1:16:56 – WoW Capacitors and 10KTF: New Tokyo Electric company?
1:18:54 – What is a 10x engineer and a 10x community member?
1:23:27 – What can WoW do to empower community members to create?
1:30:27 – Kashvi question period: how did atareh get started with writing?
1:35:07 – Boss_WOOLF giveaway
1:37:44 – How did Meby get started with content?
1:39:10 – closing thoughts





  1. The DAM Show, every Monday baby!!! Absolutely fantastic times. Thank you to you amazing folks. You took the suck out of Monday’s!!!!! 👑🤩🔥😎👍🏻👃🏻

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