The DAM Show 11 | DAM and 10KTF Birthday month, Crazy Carl Figge and Beeple Twitter Space breakdown

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It’s officially the DAM birthday month, kicking it off with @atareh – Beeple and Figge had a Twitter space with @crazycryptocarl, and an IRL 10KTF event in NYC!

Twitter space recording:

0:00 – Birthday reflections & intro
11:50 – Carl’s Twitter Space with Beeple and Figge
22:16 – The DAM Live complementing 10KTF + improving
28:52 – Abomb and Modest as bad reports on the space
32:51 – Beeple + Guy, follow Diamond and Meby!
34:32 – WARM wallet and TokenProof Online authentication
44:08 – Will WARM or TokenProof win 5 years from now?
51:34 – Dynamic NFTs
1:03:12 – Beeple’s South Caroline space hosting NFT events
1:14:17 – Punk6529: NFTs are entertainment
1:21:20 – The goddamn mech + what’s coming this week in 10KTF
1:26:01 – 10KTF NYC Community event
1:27:16 – EXCLUSIVE: Bored coffee x DAM show collaboration in the works
1:30:49 – Closing




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  1. That a beautiful episode, I love to see how 10ktf story has built such a beautiful friendship, and the birth of a streamer degen called DiamondHandz hahahha

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