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is first of all an uplifting experience. DeFi, classic gaming, NFTs and much more intersect in this incredible and varied journey: all worlds with enormous growth potential. Holders are given different options and free to live their own adventure to the full.

The innovation of this project is being studied so that they can choose between:


The accumulation of


by staking the NFTS.


The active search for higher rewards by exploring the


open World.

In addition, our goal is creating an ever-changing and sustainable environment, increasing through the extensions of the game, which can be both purchased or won in-game.

-We believe in the value of amazing artworks, which is why we pursue the vision of using them to create a unique background, through

Unreal Engine 5

. This is also why we chose to collaborate with such a large team of artists who are experts in creating digital content.

Please check our website


) to find out the Artist behind the project and check his Art Station and IG profile. He is an extremely well-known professional in the gaming industry, who has collaborated in numerous projects side by side with some big names in the sector. And today he decided to bet on us to help us taking the world of NFT to another level.

The Open World experience will change the paradigm on the gaming world, allowing people to directly play for getting rewards, in a way never seen before. Earning by having fun is definitely one of the most mind-blowing TBO innovation.

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