YuGiYn nft

Contract Address : 0x477f885f6333317f5b2810ecc8afadc7d5b69dd2


Set inside the skyscraper called “¥u-Gi-¥n” located in city of Shibuya in the near future, ¥u-Gi-¥n is a virtual world building project that provides entertainment such as games, manga, anime, fashion and music. There are 4 districts in the virtual world and players can go back and forth between different districts and interact with each other. We are building a digital economic zone through TOKYO CULTURE.

Total Sales 10745
Total Supply 8888
Count 8888
Average Price 0.27185884246128 ETH
Floor Price 0.1988 ETH

24H Volume 5.9934 ETH
24H Sale 24
24H Avg Price 0.249725 ETH
7 Day Volume 42.02848989 ETH
7 Day Sales 160
7 Day Avg Price 0.2626780618125 ETH
30 Day Volume 42.02848989 ETH
30 Day Sales 160
30 Day Avg Price 0.2626780618125 ETH
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