Women Ape Yacht Club nft

Contract Address : 0x8dcb8b2d721c022552d826f8bcf2995747248d31

Women Ape Yacht Club NFT

Trending on Opensea | [Mint Is Live](https://bit.ly/3QFqbKI) | [Buy multiple NFTs in 1 click](https://bit.ly/3QJvs3t) | [Biggest WAYC Airdrop | Join Discord | Click Here](https://bit.ly/3dR6ktk) | [Rarity Checker](https://bit.ly/3pdxq0e) Each WAYC Holder Gets Mutant Women Apes for free. E.g. If you hold 5 WAYC NFTs you can claim 5 Mutant Women Apes for Free and So on. Only Gas fees will be charged. We will announce launch date of Mutant Women Apes once WAYC is Sold Out! 10000 Female Ape Themed NFT Project | Women Of Web 3.0 | Are You Feeling Lonely Bored Ape Yacht Club? Meet the gorgeous women from the Women Ape Yacht Club Collection of 10000 NFTs! “Women makes world even more beautiful and a happening place”. 10000 Women Apes NFTs for 10000 Bored Apes! Bored ape are welcome to find there life companion here! Women are powerful, strong, and can be what they want to be. Together we can change the world! Let's support women! *Not affiliated with Yuga Labs or BAYC.

Total Sales 6175
Total Supply 8847
Count 8847
Average Price 0.83441527156237 ETH
Floor Price 0.03419 ETH

24H Volume 2.328715344444 ETH
24H Sale 50
24H Avg Price 0.04657430688888 ETH
7 Day Volume 272.67205251967 ETH
7 Day Sales 617
7 Day Avg Price 0.44193201380822 ETH
30 Day Volume 272.67205251967 ETH
30 Day Sales 617
30 Day Avg Price 0.44193201380822 ETH
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