Webaverse Genesis Pass nft

Contract Address : 0x543d43f390b7d681513045e8a85707438c463d80

Webaverse Genesis Pass NFT

The Webaverse Genesis Pass is your toolkit for the open metaverse. The pass allows you to participate in The Upstreet, a collaborative MMO being built by Webaverse. Each pass will allow the holder to claim a parcel of land in The Upstreet in the near future, and will include its own lore and artifacts, along with future airdrops from the Webaverse team.

Total Sales 7601
Total Supply 19480
Count 19480
Average Price 0.4974506289408 ETH
Floor Price 0.336 ETH

24H Volume 4.3957 ETH
24H Sale 14
24H Avg Price 0.31397857142857 ETH
7 Day Volume 38.34702 ETH
7 Day Sales 111
7 Day Avg Price 0.34546864864865 ETH
30 Day Volume 38.34702 ETH
30 Day Sales 111
30 Day Avg Price 0.34546864864865 ETH
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