Valhalla nft

Contract Address : 0x231d3559aa848bf10366fb9868590f01d34bf240

Valhalla NFT

Valhalla is a crypto native brand for gamers. Valhalla represents more than a collection of digital avatars. It represents decades of gaming culture: the clutch plays, the ELO grind, the OT wins. Visit for more details.

Total Sales 15339
Total Supply 9000
Count 9000
Average Price 0.96526881554462 ETH
Floor Price 0.79 ETH

24H Volume 32.987 ETH
24H Sale 39
24H Avg Price 0.84582051282051 ETH
7 Day Volume 275.2039558 ETH
7 Day Sales 285
7 Day Avg Price 0.96562791508772 ETH
30 Day Volume 275.2039558 ETH
30 Day Sales 285
30 Day Avg Price 0.96562791508772 ETH
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