The Art of Seasons nft

Contract Address : 0x5bd815fd6c096bab38b4c6553cfce3585194dff9

The Art of Seasons NFT

The Art of Seasons is a complete collection of dynamic illustrations featuring Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter by artist DirtyRobot + RENGA Factory. You own art that acts as a gateway passport giving you advanced access to exclusive art.

Total Sales 21401
Total Supply 7237
Count 7237
Average Price 0.48747704889882 ETH
Floor Price 0.119 ETH

24H Volume 10.29768802 ETH
24H Sale 80
24H Avg Price 0.12872110025 ETH
7 Day Volume 91.266414854293 ETH
7 Day Sales 556
7 Day Avg Price 0.1641482281552 ETH
30 Day Volume 91.266414854293 ETH
30 Day Sales 556
30 Day Avg Price 0.1641482281552 ETH
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