Stickmen Toys nft

Contract Address : 0x2a459947f0ac25ec28c197f09c2d88058a83f3bb

Stickmen Toys NFT

Toys, but for big kids. We're taking you on a journey to reconnect with your inner child. Stickmen Toys is a collection of 5,000 utility-enabled, audio-visual NFTs by Warner Records UK and Bose. Warner is the first major label to give ownership of the IP. Holding a Stickmen Toy gifts collectors with brand collaborations, exclusive merchandise, as well as future Warner Records NFT drops. Welcome to the playground.

Total Sales 6604
Total Supply 5000
Count 5000
Average Price 0.20605473482538 ETH
Floor Price 0.051 ETH

24H Volume 0.3771 ETH
24H Sale 6
24H Avg Price 0.06285 ETH
7 Day Volume 4.709325 ETH
7 Day Sales 70
7 Day Avg Price 0.067276071428571 ETH
30 Day Volume 4.709325 ETH
30 Day Sales 70
30 Day Avg Price 0.067276071428571 ETH
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