Rumble Kong League nft

Contract Address : 0xef0182dc0574cd5874494a120750fd222fdb909a

Rumble Kong League NFT

Rumble Kong League is a competitive play-to-earn basketball experience, combining engaging gameplay and web3 functionalities, enabling users to compete in engaging ways through NFTs. Only one Kong is needed to play the game, everyone is welcome! Launching with a set of unique 10,000 ERC-721 tokens, called Kongs. Alongside a truly unique look, each Kong comes with a randomly generated set of attributes that can influence their performance in a match, providing additional depth and strategic elements.

Total Sales 14103
Total Supply 9998
Count 9998
Average Price 1.3213287307188 ETH
Floor Price 0.4799 ETH

24H Volume 0.9865 ETH
24H Sale 2
24H Avg Price 0.49325 ETH
7 Day Volume 16.76272 ETH
7 Day Sales 27
7 Day Avg Price 0.62084148148148 ETH
30 Day Volume 16.76272 ETH
30 Day Sales 27
30 Day Avg Price 0.62084148148148 ETH
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