R Planet – Genesis Collection nft

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Contract Address : 0x656d34a8309363302e46de99853f4cef30b85a1d

R Planet - Genesis Collection NFT

R Planet is a reality that mirrors our own. Where powers, gfts, talents, and culture fuse to create the world we wanted. Here, actions matter. The dreamers, the builders, and the enthusiasts are celebrated –– creating a more impactful, decentralized future. R Planet Genesis NFTs grant holders access to the R Planet ecosystem — connecting utility & financial opportunity with purpose & IRL impact.

Total Sales 10885
Total Supply 8884
Count 8884
Average Price 0.098541291964977 ETH
Floor Price 0.0379 ETH

24H Volume 2.37194 ETH
24H Sale 31
24H Avg Price 0.076514193548387 ETH
7 Day Volume 12.138969999999 ETH
7 Day Sales 251
7 Day Avg Price 0.04836243027888 ETH
30 Day Volume 12.138969999999 ETH
30 Day Sales 251
30 Day Avg Price 0.04836243027888 ETH
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