QQL Mint Pass nft

Contract Address : 0xc73b17179bf0c59cd5860bb25247d1d1092c1088

QQL Mint Pass NFT

QQL is a collaborative experiment in generative art by Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion Wist Mané. A QQL Mint Pass gives the owner the right to mint an official QQL NFT with the artwork of their choice, as generated on qql.art

Total Sales 426
Total Supply 837
Count 837
Average Price 16.584658671361 ETH
Floor Price 8.69 ETH

24H Volume 0 ETH
24H Sale 0
24H Avg Price 0 ETH
7 Day Volume 64.730104999999 ETH
7 Day Sales 8
7 Day Avg Price 8.0912631249999 ETH
30 Day Volume 64.730104999999 ETH
30 Day Sales 8
30 Day Avg Price 8.0912631249999 ETH
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