Pumping Parrots nft

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Contract Address : 0xfef25cebadadc6e30469a5a356e8b9971b9c1f6e

Pumping Parrots NFT

We all want to make money and this is your chance to do just that! The Pumping Parrots love to pump! Let’s make this floor price explode! The rules are simple: Flip your NFT at 2X If you buy at 0.1, sell at 0.2 If you buy at 0.3, sell at 0.6 If everybody sticks to the plan, we all profit! Let’s make some ETH before the merge 🦜

Total Sales 994
Total Supply 1111
Count 1111
Average Price 0.31237395148681 ETH
Floor Price 0.064899 ETH

24H Volume 0.1258 ETH
24H Sale 3
24H Avg Price 0.041933333333333 ETH
7 Day Volume 142.88020777789 ETH
7 Day Sales 274
7 Day Avg Price 0.52146061232806 ETH
30 Day Volume 142.88020777789 ETH
30 Day Sales 274
30 Day Avg Price 0.52146061232806 ETH
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