Proof of Ethereum. nft

Contract Address : 0xd3e3912cb7df9482d0e4eabdbafe843a35d9fee0

Proof of Ethereum. NFT

A generative art project for the Ethereum history romantics. 2604 days of ETH 1.0, 2604 NFTs. Daily blockchain metrics such as gas price, hash rate and contracts deployed are mapped onto parameters in our algorithm to produce meaningful art. Network Hash Rate ::: shape expansions, Price of Gas ::: animation speed, Price of Ether ::: base angle of lines & likelihood of noise, Number of Transactions ::: number of lines, Transaction Volume in $ ::: width of lines, Days until The Merge ::: size of largest shape, Number of Contracts Deployed ::: variety of line widths

Total Sales 2338
Total Supply 2604
Count 2604
Average Price 0.060454663263837 ETH
Floor Price 0.0125 ETH

24H Volume 0 ETH
24H Sale 0
24H Avg Price 0 ETH
7 Day Volume 0.2386 ETH
7 Day Sales 19
7 Day Avg Price 0.012557894736842 ETH
30 Day Volume 0.2386 ETH
30 Day Sales 19
30 Day Avg Price 0.012557894736842 ETH
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