Probably A Label nft

Contract Address : 0x2c89a52a7156a3fb0bf416d5231b68748e4c283c

Probably A Label NFT

We believe music best comes alive when there's context people can connect to emotionally. We see ourselves as creators that help artists rewrite those stories using the power of NFTs. Web3 allows artists to create with more freedom and connect with fans on a much deeper level, our mission is to live at the intersection of that culture.

Total Sales 5151
Total Supply 5555
Count 5555
Average Price 0.14262316184544 ETH
Floor Price 0.023 ETH

24H Volume 0.2524 ETH
24H Sale 10
24H Avg Price 0.02524 ETH
7 Day Volume 3.945969 ETH
7 Day Sales 73
7 Day Avg Price 0.054054369863014 ETH
30 Day Volume 3.945969 ETH
30 Day Sales 73
30 Day Avg Price 0.054054369863014 ETH
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