Nitro Token by PUMA nft

Contract Address : 0xd96463a406e734debd0f3eabf2343bdc7a86ac83

Nitro Token by PUMA NFT

PUMA’s first owned and operated Nitro NFT project, showcases the brand’s future with 4,000 NFTs split into two designs, ████████ and ████████. Developed with the Metaverse in mind, both items will unlock access to PUMA’s Web3 community, premium experiences and drops. Any tokens not used by August 28th to claim the Nitropass will be burned.

Total Sales 2746
Total Supply 634
Count 634
Average Price 0.10888049661941 ETH
Floor Price ETH

24H Volume 0 ETH
24H Sale 0
24H Avg Price 0 ETH
7 Day Volume 0 ETH
7 Day Sales 0
7 Day Avg Price 0.10047248370995 ETH
30 Day Volume 0 ETH
30 Day Sales 0
30 Day Avg Price 0.10047248370995 ETH
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