My Pet Hooligan nft

Contract Address : 0x09233d553058c2f42ba751c87816a8e9fae7ef10

My Pet Hooligan NFT

Web3 finds its heroes in the most unlikely of characters. A genesis NFT collection of 8888 Pet Hooligans – unique 3D characters that are posed to defend Web3 from the corporate overlord, Metazuckbot. Hooligans are built with a wide variety of traits on the Ethereum blockchain, and provide utility unlike any other NFT collection. Each Hooligan provides access to the AMGI Studios' suite of animation products, and are also your unique playable 3D avatar in our PvP and social metaverse, The Rabbit Hole - alpha release out now! Sequi Lepus.

Total Sales 19392
Total Supply 8888
Count 8888
Average Price 0.88536737949369 ETH
Floor Price 0.85 ETH

24H Volume 11.56579 ETH
24H Sale 13
24H Avg Price 0.88967615384615 ETH
7 Day Volume 36.98155 ETH
7 Day Sales 40
7 Day Avg Price 0.92453875 ETH
30 Day Volume 36.98155 ETH
30 Day Sales 40
30 Day Avg Price 0.92453875 ETH
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