Moonbirds nft

Contract Address : 0x23581767a106ae21c074b2276d25e5c3e136a68b

Moonbirds NFT

A collection of 10,000 PFPs which grant their holders access to the digital and IRL Moonbirds community. Community members can nest their birds to signal their commitment, in return for exclusive perks鈥攚hich so far have included trait-based physical and digital drops, the Oddities, and time-based nesting rewards. Moonbird art is entirely in-chain, meaning the images are outputted directly from the smart contract, with no need for storage on IPFS or the like. There are also special gradient backgrounds available to Proof Collective pass holders, which will disappear when the bird is transfered. You can check what each bird looks like with and without this background (and see if they have any unclaimed rewards!) on our [site](

Total Sales 9915
Total Supply 10000
Count 10000
Average Price 17.65552582053 ETH
Floor Price 8.3 ETH

24H Volume 199.25 ETH
24H Sale 21
24H Avg Price 9.4880952380952 ETH
7 Day Volume 539.73965 ETH
7 Day Sales 63
7 Day Avg Price 8.567296031746 ETH
30 Day Volume 539.73965 ETH
30 Day Sales 63
30 Day Avg Price 8.567296031746 ETH
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