Kitaro World Official nft

Contract Address : 0x7df64f69544c5bf71171dc5ab69b8602c2ff1e27

Kitaro World Official NFT

**WELCOME TO KITARO WORLD!** Kitaro is a collection of 7,777 storytelling NFTs exploring various multiverses in an adventure to unlock secrets of their ancestry. As a web2 centric brand, Kitaro is staged for a global adventure - beginning with books, merch and more and seen across your everyday stores. Kitaro World will act as a launchpad for holders to utilize their IP. Additionally, holders will have exclusive access to future drops, experiences and more! View our scenes collection: [Kitaro World Scenes]( **RESOURCES** [Website]( | [Twitter]( | [Discord]( | [Litepaper](

Total Sales 27226
Total Supply 7777
Count 7777
Average Price 0.17129465306318 ETH
Floor Price 0.263 ETH

24H Volume 41.4143899 ETH
24H Sale 111
24H Avg Price 0.37310261171171 ETH
7 Day Volume 392.80691469491 ETH
7 Day Sales 1304
7 Day Avg Price 0.30123229654517 ETH
30 Day Volume 392.80691469491 ETH
30 Day Sales 1304
30 Day Avg Price 0.30123229654517 ETH
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