Kaiju Kingz nft

Contract Address : 0x0c2e57efddba8c768147d1fdf9176a0a6ebd5d83

Kaiju Kingz NFT

3,333 Genesis Kaiju Kingz created by Augminted Labs to protect the metaverse. The community is all about growth and providing a place for the future of web3 to learn, build, and conquer. Join the Kingz and live forever as a legend. 6666 babies to accompany them.

Total Sales 11332
Total Supply 7649
Count 7649
Average Price 2.6775575249794 ETH
Floor Price 0.3688 ETH

24H Volume 7.922 ETH
24H Sale 10
24H Avg Price 0.7922 ETH
7 Day Volume 72.8341 ETH
7 Day Sales 95
7 Day Avg Price 0.76667473684211 ETH
30 Day Volume 72.8341 ETH
30 Day Sales 95
30 Day Avg Price 0.76667473684211 ETH
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