Jadu AVA nft

Contract Address : 0x86fc6f6c6702cef7d3bae87ef41256715416db71


11,111 avatars designed for augmented reality in collaboration with legendary film director-producer Michael Bay. Each AVA comes with full-body 3D files optimized for AR, other digital worlds and the holder’s own creativity. Ownership unlocks full commercial rights & voting power to award hundreds of thousands of dollars from the AVA Community Treasury. Visit jadu.ar/avas for details. With $44M raised to date, Jadu is a 50 person team of designers, technologists and creatives building an ever-evolving augmented reality game world. Jadu’s signature gameplay involves controlling a 3D avatar in AR with the Jadu mobile app releasing October 2022 on iOS & Android. 1st Collection: [Jadu Jetpack](https://opensea.io/collection/jadu-jetpack), designed for your avatar to fly in AR. 2nd Collection: [Jadu Hoverboard](https://opensea.io/collection/jadu-hoverboard), designed for your avatar to cruise in AR.

Total Sales 3072
Total Supply 11111
Count 11111
Average Price 0.21337858216158 ETH
Floor Price 0.255 ETH

24H Volume 41.84948790008 ETH
24H Sale 156
24H Avg Price 0.26826594807744 ETH
7 Day Volume 655.49900440039 ETH
7 Day Sales 3072
7 Day Avg Price 0.21337858216158 ETH
30 Day Volume 655.49900440039 ETH
30 Day Sales 3072
30 Day Avg Price 0.21337858216158 ETH
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