Isekai Meta nft

Contract Address : 0x684e4ed51d350b4d76a3a07864df572d24e6dc4c

Isekai Meta NFT

Isekai Meta is a story and community-driven, hand-drawn NFT collection + metaverse brand that taps into the foundational human need to connect with others through story. Heavily influenced by pop culture, lo-fi aesthetics, and Japanese anime. The project and the community behind it intends to spark a new age of storytelling through web3 and NFTs.

Total Sales 14572
Total Supply 7777
Count 7777
Average Price 0.33704555378395 ETH
Floor Price 0.1374 ETH

24H Volume 10.0253444444 ETH
24H Sale 49
24H Avg Price 0.20459886621224 ETH
7 Day Volume 144.0032930434 ETH
7 Day Sales 548
7 Day Avg Price 0.26299142630857 ETH
30 Day Volume 144.0032930434 ETH
30 Day Sales 548
30 Day Avg Price 0.26299142630857 ETH
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