HELIX Founder Pass Official nft

Contract Address : 0x3df5c619a4926156f966a64e08f863385c21da0e

HELIX Founder Pass Official NFT

The Founder Pass is the best way to take full advantage of one of the most immersive Metaverse experiences on the Blockchain. The Founder Pass is 5000 NFTs that grant 3 months early access to play HELIX. Founder Pass holders will be entitled to exclusive airdrops, free land, exclusive designer clothes, supercars, and much more. Our EA pass holders will become HELIX’s tightly knit “alpha” community and be a pinnacle of the development of our game. Holders have the opportunity to be beta testers and take part in the most elite blockchain gaming community.

Total Sales 8928
Total Supply 5000
Count 5000
Average Price 0.29803623052051 ETH
Floor Price 0.3749 ETH

24H Volume 6.2905 ETH
24H Sale 17
24H Avg Price 0.37002941176471 ETH
7 Day Volume 38.67163066 ETH
7 Day Sales 97
7 Day Avg Price 0.39867660474227 ETH
30 Day Volume 38.67163066 ETH
30 Day Sales 97
30 Day Avg Price 0.39867660474227 ETH
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