Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs nft

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Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs NFT

Fidenza is by far my most versatile algorithm to date. Although the program stays focused on structured curves and blocks, the varieties of scale, organization, texture, and color usage it can employ create a wide array of generative possibilities.

Total Sales 1239
Total Supply 999
Count 999
Average Price 41.60502584888 ETH
Floor Price 99.99 ETH

24H Volume 0 ETH
24H Sale 0
24H Avg Price 0 ETH
7 Day Volume 1048.25 ETH
7 Day Sales 11
7 Day Avg Price 95.295454545455 ETH
30 Day Volume 1048.25 ETH
30 Day Sales 11
30 Day Avg Price 95.295454545455 ETH
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