EZU nft

Contract Address : 0x6b8281df97604eeae4b9e0d26e667507eb301e91


EZU is an NFT collection powering the research and development of a Wear2Earn lifestyle application. With EZU enabled clothing, brands will be able to compensate their customers with a combination of exclusive rewards. Based on the current product roadmap detailed on the EZU website, EZU NFT holders will receive an increased fungible token multiplier, governance access to the EZU app, exclusive access to NFTs physical drops by Wear2Earn enabled brands, discounts on Wear2Earn enabled products, access to all additional collection activities including free mental health services by a third party, events, access to physical product activations and more.

Total Sales 5846
Total Supply 15000
Count 15000
Average Price 0.15958832616498 ETH
Floor Price 0.0737 ETH

24H Volume 37.28000389 ETH
24H Sale 362
24H Avg Price 0.10298343616022 ETH
7 Day Volume 153.6198833021 ETH
7 Day Sales 1476
7 Day Avg Price 0.10407851172229 ETH
30 Day Volume 153.6198833021 ETH
30 Day Sales 1476
30 Day Avg Price 0.10407851172229 ETH
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