Exosama nft

Contract Address : 0xac5c7493036de60e63eb81c5e9a440b42f47ebf5

Exosama NFT

Join the resistance in a quest to liberate NOVA from its tyrannical occupier Xeon. 10,000 EXOs descend upon Ethereum ready for battle. Evolve them as you journey into the Metaverse. [exosama.com](https://exosama.com) | [moonsama.com](https://moonsama.com) IMPORTANT NOTICE: The unique holder count is not representative due to Exosamas staked on our [Multiverse Portal](https://multiverse.moonsama.com/) (address [0xbC0d0c5E67fC0d7834a0e3B8Acf741d1F5b78ca5](https://etherscan.io/address/0xbc0d0c5e67fc0d7834a0e3b8acf741d1f5b78ca5)), unlocking access to metaverses and NFT 2.0 technology.

Total Sales 1045
Total Supply 10000
Count 10000
Average Price 2.6010096562255 ETH
Floor Price 0.99 ETH

24H Volume 8.3019 ETH
24H Sale 9
24H Avg Price 0.92243333333333 ETH
7 Day Volume 22.22462 ETH
7 Day Sales 24
7 Day Avg Price 0.92602583333333 ETH
30 Day Volume 22.22462 ETH
30 Day Sales 24
30 Day Avg Price 0.92602583333333 ETH
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