Contract Address : 0x603a481580c8cf85ee169b315653bd9d33c39e52


Everybodys are 10,000 original characters by artist Sean Solomon. Eventually, Everybodys will be animations, physical products, stories and more. In fact, Everybodys are planning to take over the world (in a fun way). These characters will start as static profile pictures, but they are designed with animation in mind. This means holders have the potential to see these characters skate, jump, wave, and maybe even fall in love...

Total Sales 11213
Total Supply 10000
Count 10000
Average Price 0.038918339305199 ETH
Floor Price 0.01969 ETH

24H Volume 0.59111 ETH
24H Sale 16
24H Avg Price 0.036944375 ETH
7 Day Volume 10.44584034341 ETH
7 Day Sales 413
7 Day Avg Price 0.025292591630533 ETH
30 Day Volume 10.44584034341 ETH
30 Day Sales 413
30 Day Avg Price 0.025292591630533 ETH
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