ENS Maxis nft

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Contract Address : 0xaa462106da447c0440a4be29614c19387a59a331


**NO ROYALTIES COLLECTION!** ENS Maxis is the first NFT collection that gives the diverse communities of ENS Domain holders a way to represent their love through their PFP and be a part of history. ENS Maxis makes representing the Ethereum Naming Service personable and distinguishable. Sure some ENS domain names get a bit of notoriety here and there, but that's not the message the culture is here to convey. The ENS community is here to stay; we are more than just text-based domain PFPs. So, ENS Maxis was born.

Total Sales 12276
Total Supply 10000
Count 10000
Average Price 0.029296832458822 ETH
Floor Price 0.0209 ETH

24H Volume 1.419189999 ETH
24H Sale 32
24H Avg Price 0.04434968746875 ETH
7 Day Volume 16.35088191932 ETH
7 Day Sales 392
7 Day Avg Price 0.041711433467653 ETH
30 Day Volume 16.35088191932 ETH
30 Day Sales 392
30 Day Avg Price 0.041711433467653 ETH
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