Dooplicator nft

Contract Address : 0x466cfcd0525189b573e794f554b8a751279213ac

Dooplicator NFT

The Dooplicator is supercharged with endless utility. The Dooplicator's 'charges', allows its Doodle-y matter to utilize other NFTs to create new content. Planned upgrades to its firmware will allow Dooplicators, even used ones, to be utilized in new and different ways. Read more about the Dooplicator:

Total Sales 6088
Total Supply 9375
Count 9375
Average Price 2.1462329331438 ETH
Floor Price 0.3879 ETH

24H Volume 35.90845 ETH
24H Sale 58
24H Avg Price 0.61911120689655 ETH
7 Day Volume 544.46103789 ETH
7 Day Sales 578
7 Day Avg Price 0.94197411399654 ETH
30 Day Volume 544.46103789 ETH
30 Day Sales 578
30 Day Avg Price 0.94197411399654 ETH
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