Dodoor NFT nft

Contract Address : 0x40948a124b632a900a58ad01e2ef0534b97a1087

Dodoor NFT NFT

UDverse is a shelter for all the species where they are free from getting poached; DODOOR is the first collection of 1000 NFTs from the UDverse ,each DODOOR has the same dream-FLYING; Let’s make the dream come true together!

Total Sales 724
Total Supply 1000
Count 1000
Average Price 0.72109972375691 ETH
Floor Price 1.18 ETH

24H Volume 438.0902 ETH
24H Sale 497
24H Avg Price 0.88146921529175 ETH
7 Day Volume 522.0762 ETH
7 Day Sales 724
7 Day Avg Price 0.72109972375691 ETH
30 Day Volume 522.0762 ETH
30 Day Sales 724
30 Day Avg Price 0.72109972375691 ETH
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