CyberKongz nft

Contract Address : 0x57a204aa1042f6e66dd7730813f4024114d74f37

CyberKongz NFT

Welcome to an alternate reality, where evolution took a different route and weird apes roam the earth. Some appear normal. Some look weird. And some are just damn cool! Every CyberKong is unique and owns randomized items with different rarities. A few are super rare and even animated! **Maybe some of them look familiar!** [More CyberKongz Collections!]( [Website]( | [Twitter]( | [Discord](

Total Sales 848
Total Supply 1000
Count 1000
Average Price 32.534649809682 ETH
Floor Price 12.89 ETH

24H Volume 0 ETH
24H Sale 0
24H Avg Price 0 ETH
7 Day Volume 40 ETH
7 Day Sales 2
7 Day Avg Price 20 ETH
30 Day Volume 40 ETH
30 Day Sales 2
30 Day Avg Price 20 ETH
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