CryptoNinja Partners nft

Contract Address : 0x845a007d9f283614f403a24e3eb3455f720559ca

CryptoNinja Partners NFT

CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) is a 22,222-piece collection starring CryptoNinja sub-characters. Examples of ongoing projects: ・NFT exchange mechanism "BurNin'" ・Makimono (Ninja scroll) airdrops ・Development of the NFT marketplace "Xinobi" ・Production of the smartphone app "CNP Friends" ・Collaborations with the Japanese regional governments Become an owner and step into the exciting world of Ninja! Official Website :

Total Sales 19760
Total Supply 22222
Count 22222
Average Price 0.32178101806973 ETH
Floor Price 2.999 ETH

24H Volume 21.489 ETH
24H Sale 7
24H Avg Price 3.0698571428571 ETH
7 Day Volume 132.5646 ETH
7 Day Sales 44
7 Day Avg Price 3.0128318181818 ETH
30 Day Volume 132.5646 ETH
30 Day Sales 44
30 Day Avg Price 3.0128318181818 ETH
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