Consortium Key nft

Contract Address : 0x4be3ad153f4c6b10f098e4270e77a434234c5493

Consortium Key NFT

*1470 Keys are reserved by Deployer purchasable through approved applications only* The Consortium Key utility pass provides holders with proprietary alert systems, exclusive data, and robust toolsets to help execute the most informed and profitable trades. The Key keeps you plugged into the market's behavior while giving you tools to take advantage of the opportunities that the Key presents. Features Include: Curated Wallet Tracking Alert System: custom database of hundreds of wallets, providing organized and curated tracking alerts separated by transaction type. Professional Tools: Minting and Token Sniping Bots built right into our Discord server. Can even bot mints right from your phone! Analysis: Professional analysis on NFTs, crypto, micro and macro market movements and more. Twitter Alerts: track what projects people follow in real time, and utilize a feed of the most useful twitter posts.

Total Sales 684
Total Supply 2000
Count 2000
Average Price 1.8998368066811 ETH
Floor Price 4.79 ETH

24H Volume 4.51 ETH
24H Sale 1
24H Avg Price 0 ETH
7 Day Volume 70.9055 ETH
7 Day Sales 16
7 Day Avg Price 4.43159375 ETH
30 Day Volume 70.9055 ETH
30 Day Sales 16
30 Day Avg Price 4.43159375 ETH
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